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The leading construction camera service in the Nordics now serves Europe with over 10 years of experience

Stay informed and enhance communications

With Builder.Cam, you can shoot your construction site from one or more angles and stay updated on the project's progress. With the help of the footage, you enhance your communication, project management, quality control, and marketing.

Why Builder.Cam?


Manage your project with real-time photos and document each stage from beginning to end.


Keep stakeholders updated, promote transparency, and monitor the project in real time.


Share real-time photos and video stream with your audience and market with amazing timelapse videos.


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How Does This Work?

When you order the Builder.Cam service, we'll send you an Enlapser construction camera, designed and assembled in our factory in Finland. You will also receive an invitation by email to access the web service.


Order Camera

The camera is delivered to you within 5-7 working days


Log in to the Service

Click on the user invitation in the email


Turn on the Camera

Plug-in the camera to a power socket and start viewing your photos in the web browser.

Once the camera is connected to electricity, you can immediately browse and view photos with web browser of your laptop, mobile or other device. Read tips for installing the camera on our blog.

Our professional customer service ensures that the implementation of the camera and service goes smoothly and that you get the most out of the service. For example, we make custom timelapse videos, help embed public players on your website, straighten photos, and blur out private areas.