Open a window to your site

See up-to-date pictures of your site and access the cloud archive on any web browser or mobile device.


Avoid unnecessary trips to your site - high resolution pictures delivered to your browser.


Look back at important stages in your build, improve processes and enhance work safety.


Share up-to-date pictures and visualize the most important stages with magnificent timelapse videos.


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Builder.Cam - Device and service packaged

Builder.Cam is fast and easy to take into use. It is a versatile service that you can use to monitor, document and market your project and its construction phases. Our package consists of a high-end Enlapser camera and our cloud service that the camera connects to. We have two camera models, the wide panorama camera Enlapser 5K and Enlapser Dual, the camera that combines still and video shooting.

Through our cloud service you can view streams of pictures and video with any web browser on any device and also share the up-to-date pictures on your webpage. We produce high-quality timelapse videos from the material saved in the cloud service archive. As your project ends you can move the camera to the next site. Builder.Cam has been used to shoot projects ranging from a couple of days to over half a decade.



Monitoring and timelapse shooting

Cloud service for 50 users, for internal use by your team

  • 6 pictures per hour, unlimited storage
  • One player per camera
  • Timelapse-videos are ordered separately


Project management and marketing

Cloud service for 150 users, publishing tools, timelapse videos included

  • 60 pictures per hour, unlimited storage
  • Public players and embedding
  • Publishing tools: logo, date, digital zoom, masking, anonymization
  • Quality inspection


Manage multiple construction sites

Customization and integration according to your needs

  • Management view combining multiple construction sites
  • Single-sign-on for your organization
  • Camera hardware lifecycle management
  • Image data analytics
  • Custom made camera devices (battery, solar, local storage, wi-fi, etc.)

Additional services

Help with installation

We will help with finding the best installation locations and work with you to make sure the cameras capture the correct angles. If needed we will find and hire a contractor to install the cameras at your site.

Rent a camera

We recommend buying your own camera for most projects. You can also rent a camera from us for example for a short project, when further use of the camera is unlikely.

Make the most of your pictures with high-quality post-production

Example of a presentation video: Amos Rex, a stunning new museum built under the Lasipalatsi square 2016 - 2018

Presentation video of your project

We produce a presentation video of your project based on your wishes. The video is suitable to be shared on your website, in your opening party or to document your project and use as training material. We use the footage stored on the service and can also include other videos and pictures taken from your project. Logos, texts and background music is often added and suitable for this type of video. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Timelapse video

Timelapse raw material for post-production and a ready to view video clip. Videos contain stabilized daytime material evenly from the chosen time period. The high-quality raw material can be handed over to a third party for post-production editing. The video clip can be used for presentation, as a memento or archive.

HDD picture archive

We deliver all the original unprocessed pictures on an external HDD drive for archiving.


Need help or more information? Please contact our sales by phone or email.

+358 20 775 6125,

Open, safe and secure

We are proudly involved in building a world where the flow of information is increasingly agile and where at the same time the rights of individuals are respected and protected. This is why we take extra care to ensure the information security of our service. We want to openly convey the characteristics of the service, what it is used for, who uses it and for what purpose, and how the rights of the people caught on pictures should always be taken into consideration.

Our principles of good operations

We take good care of your footage and we ensure that the pictures are available as you need them. We store your pictures securely. You decide who has access to them and when. Together we make sure that the required legislation and industry guidelines are followed.

Monitoring or surveillance?

Our service is normally used for remotely monitoring construction sites. Usually individual persons can not be identified from the footage when the camera is placed far from the site. The service can just as easily be used when individuals can be identified. In this case we will work with you to sign a data processing agreement which fills the requirement of GDPR. In addition we will help you create a privacy policy and data protection description as needed and give advice on how the rights of individuals are properly considered.