LKAB followed up on reclamation trials in Svappavaara

Senior Research Engineer Matti Sormunen used Builder.Cam at the geomorphological test site in Svappavaara

Hufvudstaden documented key stages of Vildmannen with Builder.Cam

Project Manager Niklas Engvall used Builder.Cam in meetings and reporting

For Kiertokapula, Builder.Cam is a tool to follow work progress

Development Director Tero Helin found the solution extremely simple from start to finish and plans to continue using the service

Fira's Builder.Cam framework agreement simplifies management of camera equipment lifecycle

Smooth service with tailored ordering process and camera rental model

Helsinki City and Builder.Cam in collaboration for 15 years already

From the Musiikkitalo web camera, a collaboration was born, which has followed the development of Helsinki's new city districts

SATO has been using Builder.Cam service in its eighth project already

Construction Manager Jari Kiesilä uses the image for documentation and to monitor development and schedule.