For Kiertokapula, Builder.Cam is a tool to follow work progress

Outstandingly simple and functional

When we started the most important construction project in our company to date, we came across Builder.Cam’s service. We decided to start documenting the realization of the construction project using this service, as it seemed to operate in a simple manner.

The setup was very easy from the moment the order was placed. We used the view of the construction site in many stakeholder meetings to show what is going on in our company. Our own staff, working in multiple locations, could follow the progress of the project through the imagery produced by Builder.Cam on our own website.

Finally, we also ordered a sped-up timelapse video, which we plan to show at the opening of the area. Ordering a video followed the same simple line as using the rest of the service.

Thanks to Builder.Cam! We will also use the service in upcoming projects.

- Tero Helin / Development Director, Kiertokapula Oy
Tero Helin

Published 2023-01-30