Hufvudstaden documented key stages of Vildmannen with Builder.Cam

A tool for documentation, meetings, and reporting

With Builder.Cam, we were able to smoothly document all the essential stages of our construction project. The service and camera were easy to adopt, and customer service was very helpful. We could share the images with our colleagues and other stakeholders. In addition, we used live images and image history in meetings and reporting.

- Niklas Engvall / Project Manager Property Development, Hufvudstaden AB
Niklas Engvall

The historic stone facade was preserved during the reconstruction of the burnt-down Vildmannen 7 in Stockholm

Read more about the unique project on Hufvudstaden’s Vildmannen 7 property page.

Vildmannen 7 in the midst of reconstruction A picture from Vildmannen 7 during the construction project, taken with an Enlapser 5K camera

Published 2023-03-15