LKAB followed up on reclamation trials in Svappavaara

A tool to monitor the geomorphological landscape

Builder.Cam has been an effective way to follow up on ongoing reclamation trials at the geomorphological test site at LKAB in Svappavaara. With Builder.Cam, we have been able to monitor ongoing construction, and we have also observed how the geomorphological landscape functions through different seasons and weather. The next phase in the work involves covering and frost seeding, and it will be interesting to see how vegetation establishment develops in the future.

- Matti Sormunen / Senior Research Engineer, LKAB
Matti Sormunen

Geomorphological test site in Svappavaara

Geomorphological test site in Svappavaara Photographed with an Enlapser 5K camera in the summer of 2023

Published 2023-12-14