SATO has been using Builder.Cam service in its eighth project already

For reporting and schedule monitoring

We use the material captured by the camera for reporting and documentation, as well as to monitor the development and schedule of the project.

The camera provides us with current information about conditions, and we can review the images afterwards if needed.

The timelapse video provides a good overview of the project’s progress, and we have used it to illustrate the project’s development from initial work to completion, for example, for SATO residents and also for customers on social media.

- Jari Kiesilä / Construction Project Manager, SATO Oyj
Jari Kiesilä

Collaboration of Three cameras

SATO acquired its first camera from Builder.Cam in 2018 and has since filmed at a total of eight construction sites. The two Enlapser 5K cameras and one Enlapser Dual camera acquired by SATO have most recently filmed As Oy Hervantajärven Helmi in Tampere, KOy Sorakatu 9 in Turku, and Virtakuja 4 and 6 in Vantaa.

Builder.Cam's image from the As Oy Hervantajärven Helmi building project on 29.3.2022 Builder.Cam’s image from the As Oy Hervantajärven Helmi building project on 29.3.2022. The camera was installed on a tower crane.

Published 2023-01-17