Fira's Builder.Cam framework agreement simplifies management of camera equipment lifecycle

Easy collaboration

With our tailored framework agreement, we easily get new cameras to the worksite through our own order form. In this way, both billing issues and Builder.Cam projects are under our control. Builder.Cam handles the maintenance and logistics of the cameras for us, so we don’t need to worry about the equipment.

- Santtu Toivakka / IT Service Manager, Fira

Builder.Cam meets the needs of diverse projects

Fira uses Builder.Cams service for many needs. The image is used for surveillance, documentation, and project management. Some projects have used the Enlapser 5K Panorama camera, with a wide-angle image, and others the Enlapser Dual camera, which takes both still images and streams video.

Fira's constructionBuilder.Cam’s image from Fira’s construction site on March 29, 2022. Public areas at the edges of the construction site are blurred with Enlapser cameras’ blurring technology. Photographed with an Enlapser 5K camera.

Published 2023-01-25