Timelapse Videos

Easy-to-Use Service for Long-Term Timelapse Filming

What is a Timelapse?

Timelapse videos accelerate footage so that one second of video represents hours or days in reality. They offer a unique perspective to observe slow transformations, like the construction of new buildings or city development, by compressing time and making gradual changes perceptible.

Check out our YouTube channel  to see the kind of videos our customers have produced with Builder.Cam cameras and service.

Our Timelapse Products

Our service specializes in producing timelapse videos, where the subject is filmed over months or years.

We handle timelapse filming of your project from start to finish. We provide an Enlapser camera, which you use to film your project, and a cloud service, where the photos are stored. You can browse the footage in real-time with a web browser and use the photos in many other ways during filming.

Video products, photo archives, and raw materials are delivered electronically via download links. In addition to these, you can also order all original photos on a hard disk by mail.

Our timelapse cameras and photo algorithms are at the forefront of our development. Our cameras operate independently using mobile 4G networks and withstand all weather conditions in Europe.

Presentation Video - Show off your finished project

After the filming is finished, our video producer will edit a high-quality presentation video according to your wishes.

During editing, the best parts of the footage are selected, other photo and video material are added, info texts are embedded, background music is chosen. Your brand logos and look-and-feel is added. Effects like zooming, scanning and panning can be added for a more dynamic look.

The finalized professional videos are very well suited for marketing, sales presentations, and training.

Timelapse Video - Clip to show progress

You can order timelapse videos from a specific period of the project at any time, for example, of demolition or certain work phases. A timelapse video can also be ordered at the end of the project as a lighter alternative to a presentation video.

The timelapse video is produced from the footage captured by the camera. It includes evenly distributed photos from the chosen time period. Night photos, weekends, or certain times of the day can be removed from the footage, but it is not manually cut and no additional elements are added as in the presentation video.

Timelapse Raw Material - For post-processing

The footage is compiled into a long video file suitable for post-processing. Night photos, weekends, or certain times of the day can be removed from the footage. The video is ProRes encoded and original full resolution and contains up to 30,000 photos.

Photo Archive - High-quality optimized photos

A set of the original photos are delivered for archiving. The photos are delivered as a .zip package via a downloadable link. The photos are organized and named according to days and times. Night photos, weekends, or certain times of the day can be removed from the footage. The photo package contains up to 30,000 photos.

Archive Disk - All original photos for archiving

All original photos are delivered for archival purposes. The photos are delivered on a hard drive or a memory card by mail. The photos are organized and named according to days and times. It is not possible to create a good quality timelapse video directly from the photos, as the photos are not stabilized or panoramas stitched.

Archive Service - Let us archive your photos

Continue to use the cloud service after the filming is finished. All saved photos remain in the service and the service can be used in the same way as during active filming. All photo and video products are available to order.

Great choice if you need to store the photos during the warranty period of your project and have them easily accessible.

Development Timeline

2012 - The First Multi-Year Timelapse Videos
We had photos captured by our camera of projects lasting several years and could make the first timelapse videos that show the changing seasons and the evolving city.
2014 - Softening The Movement
Presenting multi-year films as an accelerated timelapse video creates its own problems. For example, rapidly shifting days can cause disturbing flicker. As our photo processing developed, we learned to tone down flicker and also correct other disturbances caused by movement.
2017 - Photo Stabilization
Our photo processing continued to evolve and our new algorithms corrected both small and large camera movements from the film. The photo of the stable timelapse video became clear and precise.
2019 - Video Production Professionals Join
Joining forces with outsourced video production professionals, we start delivering flexible video production services that match the needs of our customers.
2023 - Next-generation timelapse video generation algorithms are developed
Higher quality videos delivered faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.